Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Melbournes Best, Youngest and Most Under-rated. by Jungle Jim

Crankin it up again! As ive had my ear to the ground for a few months ive got some bangers to present to you from out best, youngest and most under-rated melbourne producers.

First up is a song by one of the most talented up-and-comers in Melbourne Chris Bullen. At 17 years of age what blows my mind is not only the listenability of his songs but the production skill that goes into them.

"Choon'd (Original Mix)" is a Melbourne House song of the highest quality. The drop on 18 seconds typifies that tough melbourne sound I have come to love. Countless doubters have thought melbourne house was a fad and that would be gone in a year, but it is still here stonger than ever. Eat your words! The kids love it and are making it as good as the pros. I will also chuck up his latest tune, a bootleg of Rihanna's 'Where Have You Been,' released a day ago. While i dont dig the choice of orig very much, the drop kicks ass and is packed with energy. It's also a free download from his soundcloud page.

Chris Bullen - Choon'd (Original Mix) - Extended Sample

Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Chris Bullen Bootleg/Remix)

Next one up is a banger by Reece Low. Reece has 49 tunes and counting up on his soundcloud account, smashing out a tune every couple of days recently. Check out his soundcloud here. The one im chucking up is a Michael White & Demary Feat Odille remix that has a really funky, heavy hitting drop. It has an element of Mike Metro is the main synth, that out of tune, high pitched sound. Anywho, you can pick it up on beatport through Elektroshok records. Enjoy!

Michael White & Demary Feat Odille - Something Good (Reece Low Remix) [Elektroshok Records]

All from me, peace out !

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