Monday, 2 July 2012

Classy Beats from the Melbourne Streets. By Jungle Jim

First up today is a tune from Will Sparks. Satoshi Tomiie -The Darkness (Will Sparks Remix) is up there as my favourite tune atm, can't get enough of this one. Such a good vibe, combining my favourite elements of that melbourne sound, a tough off beat bass and some very classy trumpet. The drop on 1.30 brings a smile to my face and makes me wish it wasn't just a sample. Boss of a tune.

Satoshi Tomiie -The Darkness (Will Sparks Remix)

I will also share with you a very classy set released under a month ago by one of our own GBI DJ's, Horse. An underrated talent, the man is in it for the music and loves his beats, which shines through in his music. That coupled with a couple of my tunes and how could you go wrong!

Horse - Horse Housing

This one's a little older than I usually post having been released 2 months ago. While that may not seem like a long amount of time, these days, especially in electronic music, an artist is expected to release at least a song a month. High demands! The tune is War Horn by Trumpdisco. This is a beast of a tune. It hits so hard, the war horn sound before the drop is epic as, it makes me proud that these guys are from Melbourne. Such creative genious mixed with hard hitting beats is an absolute winner in my eyes. Feast on this !

Trumpdisco - War Horn

All from me, peace !

GBI DJ's - Melbourne DJ Hire

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