Thursday, 5 April 2012

Congorockers in the house tonight! - Horse

Arghh that title makes me feel a little sick, but the new track from Congorock Agarta is a hard-ass banger sure to knock your socks off (far from anything affiliated with LMFAO). It seems to me that Congorock struggled to find his sound after the amazing 2010 track Babylon but in recent months has come out with heavy tunes in Sirius, Ivory and now Agarta. Agarta dominates the low end frequencies with a raw and vibratory bassline and a forever climbing melody. Check out this Italian gun as part of Creamfield festivities hitting Melbourne April 28th.

GBI would also like your help with a remix comp as part of Creamfields. If a moment or 2 can be spared all you have to do it is follow this link, like their page and Vote for the GBI DJ Remix

Thunderbird Juicebox releases this free download condimentally named Peanut Butta 2012. Heard this tune in Drop the Limes latest set and with Scarlet Fevers acapella and a driving Baltimore influenced heavy sound delivers the goods. The track mentions alot of "riding" and 'booty shaking so get up on it and bang!".

The next track I wanted to have a gander at is a Mad World remix by Manic Focus, certainly slowing things down a bit from the above posts. Now before we start reminiscing on how good a movie Donnie Darko was, the flow to this track is what makes it a winner. Capitalizing on a funkstep and chillwave sub-genres while still letting the original and sincere lyrics reign through. Its also got a free download exclusive to or via their soundcloud.

CREEP! enjoy this guy staring at you while you sleep :) until next time xo

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