Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's that Simian, that Mobile Disco - MasterSys

After a string of EP releases and a compilation album throughout 2010-11, It's been a while since the British Lads Simian Mobile Disco have released material for a full fledged album. But the situation is non existent now as Simian has announced their new album, titled Unpatterns to be released on May 14th. Recently they've released their first track on the album titled Seraphim, a deep and chilled out Electronic track which is out now along with an extended version and another track titled Put your Hands Together.

Simian's become a firm favourite of mine over the years, after seeing them for the first time at Big Day Out in 09 I was hooked on their work, the Attack Decay Sustain Release album oozed variety from tracks such as Hustler, Tits & Acid and one of my all time favourites Wooden. Their willingness to mix it up with each release is just refreshing, I'd go as far to say they're the prodical sons of The Chemical Brothers, they're that good.


In other new releases that have hit, Erol Alkan and Boys Noize have paired up once again releasing their EP titled Roland Rat/Brainstorm which is out now. I just find every time they're paired they've puked out gold, from bangers such as Lemonade, Death Suite and Waves and they've done it again with this recent release. Brainstorm oozes craziness and Roland Rat returns familiar sounds that still are surprisingly refreshing today.

Pardon this poorly written post, I'm in dire need of a good sleeping pattern. Take care for now - MasterSys.


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