Thursday, 26 April 2012

Juice Juice Juice - Jungle Jim

My fellow GBI DJ's have been indisposed of late, so i will keep the blogging flowing!
Streching out for the first time to America, but still pursuing my never ending search for unkown talent, I came across a song by DJ Abap called 'Drop The Bass Like This.' It has a flavour that isn't unlike alot of the stuff coming out from the local melbourne artists like Reece Low, JDG and Kalus. Driving basslines coupled with an Dutch style synth line with plenty of reverb that is packed full of energy and would blasted out of plenty of club speakers in America. I will be keeping my eye out for more tunes by DJ Abap.

Check out his soundcloud profile, here.

DJ Abap - Drop The Bass Like This (Original Mix)

These next two songs are by a colleague of mine at JMC Academy, Karate Surfing. Karate Surfing has to be the most underrated, undiscovered talent I have ever come across. The two songs, 'Holiday' and 'Mango Juice' have a style that lends itself to his upbringing in Broome, WA. Summer flavours give them a happy, funky vibe and in each of the songs you can really hear the years of production skills and time that has gone into them. Mango Juice in particular is a favourite of mine. I love the vocals that go along with it, which are also done by Karate Surfing himself. The elements work perfectly together, complementing eachother, and while there is alot of detail in the song, no part seems out of place or overcomplicated. Love them both! Here they are :)

 You can also check out Karate Surfing's profile, here.  

Karate Surfing - Mango Juice  

Karate Surfing - Holiday

All from me! Peace out

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