Saturday, 28 April 2012

If Fake blood was too Level Up, how pro could one be? - Horse

Theo Keating is such a talent in the music world, being electronic producers Fake Blood and DJ Touché, being part of duo The Black Ghosts, and having a successful hip hop career in the 90s with The Wise Guys...really no need to level up yet Fake bloods newest remix is again of such a high standard. Fake Blood follows a very distinctive sound, making his tracks easily recognisable but never stale. His remix with Level up becomes rather dark compared too the introducing melody but the element of surprise on his drops is what makes him a consistent dance floor people mover.

Finish mainman Sharkslayer is a name that when I see, I must hear. Having worked with labels like Top Billin', Trouble & Bass, Dim Mak, Southern Fried and Lektroluv to name a few, he has certainly been around in the industry. Sharkslayers tracks often sound familiar in my opinion, which is more of a credit to his production value rather than being a swipe at his creativity. He has produced some great party tracks ,such as his mix of Boom Riddim, which made him a solid act to support Mightyfools when they toured Melbourne 2010. The Trumpet is a really boppy, feel good track driven by an underlying bass, making for definite funsies.

Piano Bug is a song that really appealed to me because of its flow. The track builds from a simple piano melody getting ever so slightly distorted until some high end frequency pops in over the top. Throughout this process, the track never loses its original beat and mishes really well up to the 4.27 minute mark. His remix of Drop The Limes Shake Baby Shake was a good spin on the orginal, also worth a look.

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