Monday, 16 April 2012

Out Of Bounds - Jungle Jim

Today I will bring you a few tunes that come further than my usual reach of Melbourne. These tunes are coming from the UK from a man under the name of 'The Puppet On Crack.' I posted one of his tracks in an earlier blog called 'The Puppet Theme.' To be honest there hasn't been one of his tunes that I've been 'Yeah thats good but his others are better'. Each one is unique in it's own way and has been put together with the utmost skill and care. This is all the more impressive because he has pumped out 9 tunes in the last 2 months. Woah! All of the sickest quality and vibe and if i could post everyone i would. Maybe I will in later blogs! Another thing that appeals to me about his music is just how underated he is, he has 529 followers on soundcloud, which should blody well have a few more zeros on the end.

First up is probly my favourite because of how creative this piece of music is. Remixing sounds from the video game Pacman to make something that doesn't just sound cool, but is a really banging bouncy track. Check it out.

The Puppet on Crack - PacMan (Original Mix)

This next one absoultely blew me away because it was the first demonstration of how diverse The Puppet on Crack's music is. Melodic chords build up amazingly into the most dick kicking acid drop that became an instant favourite of mine.

The Puppet on Crack - The Crack Attack (Original Mix)

The last song I will post of his before i blow my load his a tune called Suburb Beat - Happy Feet (The Puppet on Crack Remix). A cheeky tune that was only released 3 days ago and one that again illustrates the talent of the man. One other thing he does that caught my attention was that in every drop he will change the melody, or the rhythm, something that will keep the song fresh and listenable. Amazingly well demonstrated in the 2nd drop of this tune at 2.44.

Suburb Beat - Happy Feet (The Puppet on Crack Remix)

Ill get off my knees now...

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