Saturday, 24 March 2012

As much as i hate to say it, Nina Las Vegas can DJ - Jungle Jim

So I wanted to start off my 2 week absence by posting one of my own tunes, a remix of Eminem's They Way I Am. I've always been a fan of Stevie Minks Purple Pills remix, however the more i learn the art of producing, the more I've realised the lack of production value in the song. I wanted to make a tune that wasn't driven 90% by the lyrics, but rather the production. Who knows if I have or not! But here it is:

Eminem - The Way I Am (Jungle Jim remix)

Also Free to download from my soundcloud page :)

Next up is an absolute banger from my new favourite local artist Reece Low. Move over JDG (especially seeing as the wanker won't reply to my emails!). His remix of Zoolanda's Heave turns an already great song into an international hit. The driving bassline on the drop is just my style of dirty club banger. You can check out Reece Low's soundcloud here.

Zoolanda - Heave (Reece Low Remix)

For my last tune I am going outside Melbourne to the UK, with a song by the 'Puppet On Crack.' 'The Puppet Theme' has quite a seedy, creepy kind of sound to it which i think just works so well with the artist as a whole. I can picture some creepy Puppet in a horror film, stalking and threatening someone to this melody. Great tune.

The Puppet on Crack - The Puppet Theme (Original Mix)


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