Thursday, 29 March 2012

DJ's gotta eat too... + NWO@3D NEXT WEEK FRIDAY - Esbii

Does this look like a DJ does to you? . From just a glance, obviously not, but really, this a DJ at work right now. Not behind decks fist pumping to his shit, not partying it up with a shit ton of beers and bitches, not even in front of a disco lit crowd that just are infatuated with him, hell he's not even wearing headphones! but in actual fact, this is JungleJim doing DJ things. We're supplying a house party with their fun/tunes tomorrow and since they have requested r'n'b and hip hop (genres completely out of any in GBI's way), it's time for homework to be done.

(btw readers, all that stuff I said that Jimmy isn't doing right now, yeah we do all of that all the time )

Activator featuring Reinweiss - Rombee

This track has blown my mind as the perfect way to describe it is reverse bass house. A lot of reverse sounds I've heard have always remained in the hardstyle genre (and as I have mentioned previously reverse bass hardstyle being close to my heart) and I was pretty amazed to hear something made that was a lot more closer to house using a reversed bassline. Long time hardstytle producer Activator has indeed made something fresh and unique!

Also, just would like to take a moment of your time to spread the word of this sick new event, New World Order @ 3D, next Friday (Good Friday). Main basis of the event is the new fresh stuff that's come out lately rather than the classics and I'm glad to see that that the love of my life, Josh Lang, will be playing and most certainly will go off!

Hope you all have a mad weekend!

- esbii out

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