Thursday, 15 March 2012

Moombah-wah? - Horse

Although I've never been much a fan of the Moombahton genre, the latest release from Vato Gonzalez is one I found rather enjoyable. Generally I find moombahton struggles to keep the energy flowing through its tracks, and quickly becomes quite stagnant. Dillon Francis is an artist I've followed in the genre as he keeps it pumping despite the slower beat, namely 110 bpm. 'The Moombahstard' builds with a delightful trumpet melody and keeps moving with a deep drawn out bass and intertwines the classic sounding brass elements.

This next track stems from a collaboration between Datsik and Kill the Noise.'Lightspeed' gets broken up with 'new dubstep' ripping synthesizer sounds which are normally just a waste of space and, in my opinion, aren't really music, but work well with this track. Its great to see with this song that you can clearly identify which elements are inspired by each of the artists, enjoyable to see their poetic license coming through and sticking to the type of sounds they are known for and produce.

'Optic' comes from a new EP from Turbo Records outfit Clouds. The first track I heard of theirs was their remix of Proxys' '8000' early last year. Esbii and I joked that it just tried to be like Tiga's Mind Dimension, but over the last year they have stuck with a heavy sound and I am yet to hear a bad track from them. Optic, for all intensive purposes, should be pumped loud and proud to deliver the full deep techno sounds.

Until next week buster brown, I'm out

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