Thursday, 8 March 2012

Was going to take it easy this weekend, but decided to have a quiet night out and how the hell did i end up here at this time? - Esbii

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I had my very own time behind 3D Nightclub's decks on Friday night and it certainly went very well. Now when I say well, I mean that I didn't screw up. I'd just like to take this moment to point out to you all that DJ'ing isn't entirely just get one song to stop then cut it into another song while wearing headphones in the process, it's a whole lot more than that..

The blood, sweat and effort that passionate DJ's can put behind one set is something that should be respected as an art. I say passionate DJ's because there are those ones out there who are simply fame seekers/cool kid wanting status cunts/club name dropping whores/beatmatchless skilled jockeys/pre recorded set players/"my set tonight is whatever has on their top 20"/ endrant .

From hand picking tunes from their own collections and endeavors for good music to practicing all their techniques on the decks just to make sure it's all going to go the way they want it, ensuring all the tracks and their order have a good flow so the crowd doesn't start stop and finally, praying to god they don't accidentally search for the next track on the CDJ that the current playing track is using (it's happened to me in my practice time).

Anyway, this week's edition will be a couple of tracks that I chose to play for my night!

Sam Punk - Out Of Hell

Discovered this track on Josh Lang's K405 guestmix awhile back and was very surprised to find out it was made only in 2009 as I swear I heard it way long before that year. Hard trance meets hard tech is the perfect way to describe it in my opinion, that dark ripping melody is definitely one that will get stuck on repeat in your mind for weeks!

Kidd Kaos and Tone - Closer (Drum Disaster's Rough Edge Edit)

So much justice done to an already dance floor breaking tune in this edit by this South African artist. I felt this tune isn't the most recognized track going around at the moment, but it needs more attention! I'd like to point out that DD claims himself to be a "Industrial Hardcore DJ/Producer", but this little gem of his can belong in any hardstyle set of mine. Scaling in at 155bpm and packing the hardest punch at 0:28 seconds, just pure hecticness oozes from this!

Before leaving, I'd just like to say my above rant is purely opinionated from me, I'm know I'm not the greatest DJ in the world nor the most famous or recognized, but I like to think my passion and enjoyment as one does equal the big names.

Also, another thing, "Out of Hell" was my first track in my set and Drum Disaster's edit of "Closer" was my last track, you can tell the amount of difference in speed of BPM between them. This what I was talking about when I meant flow, as the one I wanted to give to my crowd was a progression of starting at the slowest to building them up to the fullest from start to finish; there are many other ways flow can be delivered by a DJ, not one is right, not one is wrong, but just don't screw up.

- Esbii out

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