Thursday, 22 March 2012

Much Ado about Power? - Horse

I made a new set this morning, shortening it to use up my remaining 33 free minutes on Soundcloud (el cheapo). I wanted to put in some of the harder tracks I've been digging lately and if a set opens with Figure, its gonna kick people square in the teeth. Also wanted to mix up genres a bit to see what techniques could be used when the tracks couldn't be physically beat matched.

Tracklist on Soundcloud

I've been a fan of Ado since his hearing his mix of Kissy Sell outs 'Wild in the Warehouse' and he consistently delivers banging tracks. Also had a slight love affair with his Articles remix from Clouds, as heard at the beginning of my Xmas set. I really like this track because its non-stop action with its relentless bassline. The acid sounds coming through along with some tech funk influences means it just keeps rollin'

The next track is a free gem comes from the bossdog at 'Sweat it out' Ajax. The classic house tune rolls off the decks beautifully for such events as Festivival and doesn't stop cruising nor bopping.Thanks Ajax

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