Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why is it tomorrow this morning? - Esbii

So you just walked out of a club and this one tune you heard an hour or two ago that made you go off while in there is going in a repeat of what you can remember of what it was. Sure it's great you have just discovered something new to you that you love, but the problem is you can't get more of it unless you hear it again.

This has been a dilemma for me many a many a many of many a many among many times. Though there is no quick sudden answer that can be given by my humble self as a solution to the problem, but one way where you may encounter this track again is listening to sets/mixtapes by DJ's that are relevant to your interest. Jochen Miller's podcasts have been quite successful in my search for music and has also lead me to find other great trance artists since paying more closer to the genre last year.

Besides the initial point I raised earlier stating a massive problem, if following this route and listening to music similar to what you want to find, you can find many great new artists and tracks to sample and perhaps turn to love, no?

In any case, if you have a look at a lot of my previous posts, you will see such sentences like "So I found this track on so-and-so's set".

Fabio XB & Ronnie Play - MooZik (Dave Schiemann Remix)

I posted this remix of Moozik this week not only because it has been played over and over and over again in my car; not particularly because I liked the original, because I have not heard the original, nor is it because I am a fan of any that were involved in this track, because none of those names were known to me, but because it was really out of the off chance I discovered it. I found this track from Richard Durand's High end Trance mix (Intense set btw) and glad there was a way I could back track to find out it's name rather than cold when first heard!

Anyway, the track starts off percussion like sounds that instantly flash sound memories of the infamous Melbourne nightclub, Q Bar. I have never ever heard such sounds of that era or Q Bar itself been used in trance, it was that classy light tone that house bring infused with trance that really has captivated this track for me and I definetly implore everyone from all respected preference of EDM to give this track a try!

Hell, this track was so good and I couldn't find it on youtube that I uploaded it myself

Till next time,

- Esbii out

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