Monday, 19 March 2012

Spotlight on Feadz - MasterSys

It's been a weak and whack week beforehand, being trapped in home for a long period gives your sanity an odd play around, but what a better way to ease those depressing moments with some tunes. Throughout last week I've been playing a particullar artist on repeat, the man known as Feadz ( Ed Banger ).

Feadz is quite the talented one, his unique blends of genre mashing from the likes of Hip-Hop, Electro and Acid House is a breath of fresh air for the label, from which I find has been dwindling over time ( In comparison to its " Glory Days " from 06 - 08 ) but Feadz continues to keep doing his own thing.

In 2010, he released one of my favourite EP's from the label, the underrated EP that goes by the name T.U.F.F ( The Unfinished Feadz Fairytale ). After being sucked in from one of the most awesome EP promo videos I've seen ( NSFW ), It was an instant purchase on day one.

Feadz_"Tuff"(video teaser) from L'Enregistreur on Vimeo.

I repeated the track " Four Sight " heavily, I just love that vibe the track gives, a slick, engaging and deep track that sucked me right in, I even went ahead and uploaded the track on Youtube for fans to enjoy. The EP also includes a ridiculous and unique banger known as " Dial a tool " ( Sydney lads Light Year did an impressive remix of the track later on ) and a bass heavy Electro track called " We got them ".

In 2012, Feadz still continues to push his vision in the game known as Music, with an EP coming out with fellow artist Kito titled Electric Empire ( Sporting some impressive artwork from the Ed Banger crew, as usual ), with a guest appearence by Feadz's ex-squeeze Uffie. I'm really digging the 2nd track in the preview, a bass heavy gospel like sound, an intense pick up and some awesome vocal sampling is going to a killer on the dancefloor with the right set of ears. Electric Empire is set to be release by the end of this month.

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