Thursday, 23 February 2012

A good night to go out is when it's a good night to wear shorts - Esbii

Only once in a blue moon do you ever see an artist bring a complete revolution to his/her's respective genre; in my opinion for hard dance, that artist is Kidd Kaos. in the last blue moon. Even though I saw him play along side Alex Kidd at Kiddfectious Melbourne 2010, I'm just keen to see him play this friday night equal to the first time around.

Been taken under the wing of the great Alex Kidd and working with other greats in hard dance such as Phil York, Organ Donors and Scot Project, he was awarded "Best New Artist" at the Hard Dance Awards 2009 and was also given the right to set his name as a legend across all dance music by doing a set for the internationally recognized BBC Essential mix radio show. His own record label, K405 Records, is one of the biggest labels out there for quality hard dance tunes and all artists signed are the ones who do not disappoint.

Amber D - Amber's Theme (Alex Kidd vs. Kidd Kaos Remix)

It took longer than writing this post itself to decide which Kidd Kaos track I would make the "one to post about". There were many other choices that would are post-about-worthy ( Devestating , I Am Digital and Closer ), but this remix of Amber's Theme in particular captivates my point on how a "revolution" happened with Kidd Kaos. Hard, clean and loud bass, fresh sawtooth like sounds and a unique track structure just bring pleasure to ears. Some may say this track has been overplayed, but I, for one, still go ape shit when I hear it out.

Hope the weekend treats you as well as mine

- Esbii out

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