Friday, 10 February 2012

Show me the music- Horse

Hey guys, end of the week means some more Horse...get it in you!

This is a new EP from Modek of Belgium released on lectroluv records. Both Willow and Dust deliver a hard hitting beat backed by a distinctive Modek sound convulsing for a slice of techno genius.
Modek and Ado are playing a gig in Sydney on the 11th February with nothing going on in Melbourne, very dissapointed to miss out on these acts. But its certainly not the first time this has happened. Just in recent months acts such as Peacetreaty, Mr Skeleton, Porter Robinson and Lucky Date have toured other capital cities but no love for Melbourne. Leaves electronic music loving Melbournites wondering what is going on? Why can't we see such elite acts? Fellow GBI DJ Mastersys even suggested a conspiracy. For now ill put it down to some high-end BS politics, but we in Melbourne should be able to see great touring acts more often rather than just when a festival rolls into town.


I've been a fan of this guy since I heard his Avicci- Levels remix,
and despite hearing close to 2 million other remixes, his takes the cake (
He has only just turned 21 as of a few days ago and has released this big room bootleg for free download.
Large things to come...

Sabotoge (Clockwork 2012 Bootleg)- Beastie Boys ***LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD*** by ClockworkMusic

Aussie act Light Year have released a new EP also. Different from their previous high energy releases yet delivers a delicious, groovy sound. Had the pleasure of seeing them supporting Danger last year where the crowd went so off chops their were even patrons head-butting each other...crazyness... their promo video highlights some great 90s ravers aswell :)

Light Year

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