Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trance Today: Similar + Different from Trance Yesterday - Esbii

So after playing a very recent produced track from a very well known trance group to Harley/MasterSys the other day, he raised an extremely good point to me that has always been in front of me, but never manage to set it self in stone within my head; that being "Trance used to solely rely on it's melody, it would drop, be epic, then add a bass line and that's the track. From what it seems from this track, trance is going other places, not just making or breaking it with a good melody" . You may remember me posting Lange - This Is New York (vs. Gareth Emery) (Heatbeat Remix) and mentioning that merged the sounds of old melodies but with modern techy sounding basslines that differ a lot from the melody. That is trance today (imo).

Cosmic Gate - The Theme

Previously mentioned/talked about track was Cosmic Gate - The Theme. Wow, what can I say about these guys? Since 1999, they were big in the name of the harder edge of trance with "The Drums" and their most well known track "Exploration of Space". Both tracks I used to hear played week after week many years even after their initial releases and still today, those two classic tracks are still getting recognition within the newer generation.

Anyway, heard this particular track many times while out before finding it on Jochen Miller's "Stay Connected" monthly podcast and to be quite honest, a little suprised that this is a Cosmic Gate production. Lately imo, I find their work to be more aimed for a progressive/vocal trance audience rather than what they were first known for (I'm aware many artists change direction/style every now and again, don't hate)and to hear classic epic melodies created by them again did indeed make me keen for their show in Melbourne @ Festival Hall in April.

(P.s would also just like to add Knife Party had this in their essential mix set a month back lololololol)

But yeah, that wraps up this week, just like to add I got a set @ 3D Nighclub this friday and will mix up a storm of hard dance and hardstyle ;)

- Esbii Out


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