Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Who likes spending the night out sitting down anyway? - Esbii

Hey guys, Esbii here to share you some of the tracks that have been dominating my playlist in the last week!

Lange - This Is New York (vs. Gareth Emery) (Heatbeat Remix)

Heatbeat gives us this brilliant trance banger that merges the current and past sounds of trance. From the very start, this track does not mess around when it comes to that heavy techy bass and then one of the greatest uses of a classic trance sound heard @ 3:34 that will put the biggest smile on your face ;)

Sied van Riel ft Fenja - The Game (Original Mix)

I, for one, am a huge fan of Sied van Riel's work and can't absolutely wait to see him at Creamfields later this year in March (the trance shed will go completely off with that line up omfg ^^). I found this track on his podcast "Rielism 068" while I was allowed to play my own music at work through the speakers; @ 1:57 when the piano breakdown is dropped, I stopped what I was doing and paid attention so I could appreciate what art I felt it was and it was then followed by beautiful brain tingling vocals from Fenja that really do put you in that state of trance (lololol ASOT ;) ). Despite so far how I have described this track, by no means at all is this a slow track, still heaps of jumping-up-and-down energy behind it!

Internet Friends - Knife Party

Knife Party has been described to me as "dubstep sounds at house speeds"; that was definitely not the reason why I decided to sample some of there work, it was when Horse gave me his opinion of them as "they are hectic" (GBI Rule #231 - Always trust Nic's decision when it comes to good tunes). I'll admit this track has had good reception and has certainly established itself already, but it was only just recently I discovered it and felt it was neccessary to share to those who have not yet enjoyed this floor smacking tune.

That wraps up this week, will let you all know what I've been playing next Wednesday and take care!

- Esbii out

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