Sunday, 19 February 2012

Melbourne Blogging - Jungle Jim

First up are a couple of tunes from JDG(Melb) & Jayy Fresh(US). The first song is called 'Make Some Noise,' which will be released through Club Cartel Records on the 27th of Feb. This tune delivers a high energy Dutch House sound, in which the synth line rolls together so smoothly with the vocal sample. I'm trying to find another word to describe the song without saying 'boppy,' but it does have that kind of fun, boppy feel to the beat. I will definately buy this tune when it's released on the 27th.

The 2nd tune is called 'Check My Swagger' (also being released on the 27th). No doubt the song title has had influence from the US, as no-one in melbourne who isn't a rapper would call their song 'Check My Swagger.'
Anyway, to the song. The bassline that hits on the drop is the type of full-sounding bassline that I love. While it is a bassline, it does give a balance of frequencys as there is a lot of high range in it as well, giving a really thick, full sound, adding a lot of impact on the drop. The only problem with that type of bassline is it's difficult to add anything after that, that doesnt clash with the sound, as there is no frequency range to work with. JDG does this by shifting the bassline up an octave so the song doesn't go stale and keeps moving forward. Great tune from JDG & Jayy Fresh that continues to raise the profile of house music in Melbourne.

JDG & Jayy Fresh - Make Some Noise

JDG & JayyFresh - Check My Swagger

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The 3rd song I'm posting about is a Slice N Dice tune. Usually I wouldn't put a Slice N Dice tune up as I think as artists they have achieved double the fame of some other local melbourne artists with about half the talent. They have achieved a big following through gimmicking themselves by wearing masks and handing out free shit at gigs while their music, on the other hand, lacks detail and smacks of half-heartedness. The sounds they use are basic and I feel, while they have improved, they lack the music ability to really make it big. HOWEVER, this tune caught my attention, not because they have become more talented over night, but because if I was out and heard this tune, I would loose my shit to the drop. Very hard hitting tune.

Slice N Dice - Damn (Original Mix)

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