Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sweet Sunday Hangover - Jungle Jim

This first track up is one from my favourite local DJ, Mickey Nox. Mickey has a distinct sound to his music, you can hear one of his tunes out without knowing it and be able to tell it's one of his. What occasionally frustrates me about his music is also what is so appealing about it. He makes raw music. While his structuring doesn't follow the standard house guidlines it gives his hard hitting, bass heavy drops all the more impact. His music represents who he is as an artist. An artist who doesnt give a shit and just wants to make you stomp your feet and bang your head against the wall.

He has also made this song downloadable from his soundcloud account!

Mickey Nox - We Should Of Had Shotguns

Next up is another tune made in Melbourne by Scotty Lee & Nick B. It has that distinctive melbourne house sound and follows the common method of remixing hip hop tunes. The song is very well put together and has an incredibly smooth sound to it.

Scotty Lee is a relatively new-comer to the melbourne house scene, being taught at Van-G's Music Production and Tuition Academy.

Xzibit - Concentrate (Scotty Lee & Nick B Remix)

To round things off I have one last tune for you, keeping it local with an old favourite, T-Rek.

Using his talent for the guitar he has moulded rock and house once again into a "Club Rock" tune, 'New Strange'. After his smash hit 'Out My Bitch' a few years ago T-Rek hasn't really made waves since then. He has tried some alternate genres of music, but it's good to see him back where he belongs! Rocking out clubs.

T-Rek - New Strange

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