Monday, 27 February 2012

Goodbye Summer - MasterSys.

Monday... ohh Monday that day has come, Monday, the asshole day out of the weekly crew, the day that keeps hanging around even though you don't want it too and the ultimate buzzkill of the weekend. To top off this momentus Monday we've been slapped with rain all day, yet again that 4 Seasonal change is hitting Melbourne in full effect during the last days of summer.

Summer 2012 returned to that form not seen from 2011's rendition, we were blessed by actual Beach days that didn't last for a day or so, Melbourne Heart giving it to its older stuck up brother Melbourne Victory in the derby and yet another round of that " Festival Season " ( overpriced cash grab ) that pops up during this time. And what a way to send off 2012's summer with a few releases that have come in during the last month.

First off we've got a release by the insanely underrated Italian maestro NT89 ( Fools Gold & Turbo ) with new his EP " Voices " ( Out now on iTunes and Beatport )

NT89 has been producing nothing but quality over the years, gaining momentum with support from big names such as Tiga, Boys Noize & A-Trak as well as touring worldwide ( I missed his gig at Roxanne Parlour last year, will not make the mistake the next time he drops by ). I just don't get how such a producer isn't getting the recognition that his tracks show and the Voices EP explains this with grace, from the absolute stomper that is "Decoder" and the crazy/eerie/Gesafflestein like voice samples that is on "Hot Signal", accompanied by a slick kickbeat.

And to top this off, the Maestro himself released a very awesome mixtape to coincide with the release of Voices.

Another release that landed in February comes from a favourite new artist of mine, Maelstrom. After having a solid debut year in 2011 with releases on labels such as BNR Trax and Dirtybird, the young Frenchman is already making waves in the scene, and is bound to turn those waves into a tsunami-like state with his new EP release "USSR" ( Out now on Beatport ) on the brilliance of a label known as Sound Pelligrino.

"USSR" is a great example of the recent Old School revival that's been happening recently, the use of 80's samples, sythnthesizers and drum machines mixed in with that modern touch to keep it fresh. I'm a big fan of this movement at the moment, from my years of listening to old Acid House and Techno, its just neat to see Artists giving a nod to that era.

The track "USSR" manages to capture that classic Acid sound with the trademark Handclap samples that ran wild throughout the 80's with a tinge of soul on the side. " House " captures so much of that Detroit sound that dominated the House scene in the Late 80's with a touch of Maelstrom's excellent producing skills.

Along with another signature " That sounds like Maelstrom " track and some great remixes, USSR is definately an EP worth buying.

I leave now with a truly well done remix conceived by BNR's "Kid" SCNTST, remixing Das Glow's track Concrete that has also just come out recently on the Marble label. It just baffles me at how good this kid really is, at 17 years of age, and with a massive library of his own unreleased tunes he has a really really bright future ahead of him.

So long for now, I look forward to another Monday and Goodbye Summer! I'll be waiting with open arms next time you visit.

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