Sunday, 26 February 2012

Harder and harder - Jungle Jim

First up this week is a tune by a local producer I recently discovered , Daniel Turner. I was immidiately struck by his style of music making. Deep heavy basslines, dark melodies, hard hitting beats.

'Double Black' definately comes under the categories listed above; heavy beat with a slightly off pitch melody that packs a punch.

Daniel Turner - Double Black (Original Mix)

Another tune of his that has caught my attention is his remix of Holly-J's Bubbah. Another deep, powerful tune that has a style of it's own.

Check out all of Daniel Turners tunes, here.

The 2nd tune I am putting up this week is from a producer who I used to DJ for at Code Red (Platform 1), Hands High. While im not a big fan of the name, his remix of Shake Baby Shake by Drop The Lime is a very cool tune. The rolling melody has a cheeky vibe to it and I think if he can keep making tunes like this, he will do very well as a producer. Released through One Love records 2 months ago it is available to pick up from Beatport.

Drop The Lime - Shake Baby Shake (Hands High Remix)

To check out Hands Highs tunes, click here.

The last tune I will post is from another local artist, Petrou. 'Qua' is a tune that blew me away when i first heard it. This minimal tune works so well with the lyrics and melody as they both complement each other effortlessly.

With a similar style to Daniel Turner's dark bass-heavy beats, you dont have to look far to find local talent that is up there with the best. 'Qua' is avaiable from Beatport.

Petrou - Qua (Original Mix)


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